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Indian Food Oslo

Come to New Delhi and try our delicious Indian food in Oslo. New Delhi is located at modern Tjuvholmen, where we offer an entirely new and unique tasting experience. The restaurant is owned by the Singh family, who are renowned in Oslo for making great Indian food for almost 40 years. 

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Rich Spice Palette

The Asian cuisine offers a variety of dishes with sweet, sour, rich, and strong flavors. Indian food is known for a rich spice palette and great variety between different regions. Customs for Indian cooking can be divided roughly into four regions:

  • North Indian
  • West Indian
  • East Indian 
  • South Indian

Classic dishes like Tandoori, Naan and Butter Chicken originates from the north of India. In the south, people use much more fish and coconuts in cooking. From the west we have pork vindaloo and a great selection of tropical fruits. 

The East Indian cuisine is very different from traditional dishes one usually associates with India. The flavors and dishes are inspired by other Asian food, such as the Mongolian and Chinese cuisine. Various types of fish curry are popular, and the region is known for serving sweet desserts. 

Great Selection at New Delhi

Are you curious about Indian food in Oslo? Are you looking for a restaurant downtown? Head over to New Delhi, one of the best restaurants in Oslo!

Our modern restaurant is located in the trendy neighbourhood of Tjuvholmen, and we offer a great selection of Indian food. Order fish, meat, chicken, or vegetarian, or try one of the house’s pre-composed Indian dishes. We have classic dishes such as Chicken Tikka Masala and a good selection of Naan. 

Everything on the menu is made from seasonal ingredients, by some of the world’s greatest chefs. 

Spicy or Not So Spicy?

Traditional Indian food is sometimes too spicy for people in Oslo. That’s why we offer five different degrees of spicy:

  • Mild
  • Medium
  • Madras
  • Vindaloo
  • Tindaloo

Medium is suitable for most people, but for children and beginners it might be too much. They are recommended to choose mild. Vindaloo and Tindaloo are strong and spicy, and only recommended for those who know they can handle it.

If you are not sure about the spiciness, ask your waiter for a recommendation.  

Unique flavors

New Delhi has been serving delicious Indian food in Oslo for almost 40 years. Indian cuisine is known for rich and full flavors, especially sauces made with spicy or sweet ingredients. The Indian spice palette consists of chili, mustard, ginger and coriander, in addition to sweet flavors like cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg – to name a few. 

Indian food is unlike anything else. The secret to the unique flavor is the composition of spices, and which order you add them when you’re cooking. You can’t just throw everything in there and wait for the food to cook itself – Indian cooking requires precision and good timing. 

Indian Food in Oslo

The Singh family have served Indian food in Oslo for almost 40 years. New Delhi restaurant was first established in 2012, and in 2018 we moved to new and modern facilities at Tjuvholmen. 

Our goal is to offer each guest an exciting journey through Indian cuisine and culture. Traditionally, an Indian meal consists of several dishes that are shared between the guests. This makes for a great social setting around the table. The menu at New Delhi is composed with this in mind, and if you would like to share several dishes between you we recommend ordering from the tasting menu. 

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New Delhi åpner endelig dørene igjen, og vi gleder oss til å ønske gamle og nye gjester velkommen til deilig indisk mat.