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Best restaurant Oslo

Welcome to New Delhi in our brand new restaurant in Oslo. We have tested Norwegian taste buds for almost 40 years, and have now moved to modern facility at Tjuvholmen. Here, our regulars still come to visit with their children and grandchildren to eat delicious Indian food.

Try one of Oslo’s best restaurants

If you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Oslo, you should take a trip to New Delhi. We have recently opened at Tjuvholmen, but the food is still the same as it was before. We offer wonderful temptations from the most exotic corners of India. Welcome to New Delhi for a taste experience out of the ordinary within the Oslo city center.

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A Restaurant with an Authentic Indian atmosphere

At New Delhi we offer a unique taste experience. We will take you on a journey through India’s flavor regions. Our waiters can make recommendations for different combinations of dishes. Order Indian rice or bread and complete the meal with a classic Indian dessert. When it comes to Indian flavors, New Delhi is Oslo’s best restaurant.

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine can be roughly divided into four regions: North, South, East and West. There are great variations in food, culture, climate, language and traditions. Indian food dishes are colorful and have a lot of flavor and scent. Many traditional dishes have common features in different parts of the country, but are served under different names and in local varieties.

From the North you’ll find classic dishes such as tandoori, naan and butter chicken. In southern India they have more fish and scampi on the menu, and in this part of the country coconut is a popular ingredient. In the West, a lot of pork and tropical vegetables and fruits are used. From Eastern India there are many different varieties of fish curry, and the region is known for serving sweet desserts.

You can taste and experience all this and more in New Delhi, the best indian restaurant in Oslo. Welcome to a dining experience out of the ordinary.

Booking and Catering

There is room for 100 guests in this Oslo restaurant and great possibilities to drop in. If you are planning a larger company, you should contact us in advance. We accept reservations for large and small companies, and can help you set up a pleasant evening with good tastes at the best restaurant in Oslo.

We also offer catering. We suggest a buffet and can help you put together a variety of dishes that suits most taste buds. Please let us know if you have any favorites from the menu that you would like to have at the event. If you would like to order catering, we need the following information:

  • When and where the event will take place
  • How many participants
  • Information about allergens and other special considerations

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The Menu

On our menu you will find food from the most exotic regions of India. We have the classic Indian dishes you may already know, as well as modern variants. From our tasting menu you can order three or five dishes, put together for several people to share.

We also have menus adapted to larger companies, where the dishes are served in smaller portions. This creates a social framework for the food, allowing everyone to taste a little bit of everything. If you are especially hungry you can order the food as main courses.

The meat and fish served in our restaurant are long-term flavored for the very best taste experience. The food is cooked in a classic Tandoor oven, an important part of Indian cuisine. The barbecue basins on the bottom ensure that the temperature stays at 360-380 degrees, and the charcoal gives the food a very delicate taste.

Choose Your Spiciness

Need more proof that New Delhi is the best restaurant in Oslo? We offer classic Indian flavor, allowing you to choose the degree of spiciness you prefer:

  • Mild
  • Medium
  • Madras
  • Vindaloo
  • Tandaloo

Indian cuisine is known for preparing spicy foods, preferably in the form of sauces flavored with hot and / or sweet spices. On the Indian spice palette you find chili, mustard, turmeric, ginger and coriander, and sweet spices like cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Medium usually fits most people, but already here the food can be too spicy for children and beginners. It is therefore recommended to choose mild. Madras is spicy and good. Vindaloo is very spicy and very popular with Indians. Tandaloo is extra spicy and should only be chosen by those who know they can handle it. By adding rice or Indian bread to the meal you can balance out the spices.

Indian Desserts

Good food is even better with the proper finish. At New Delhi – the best restaurant in Oslo – we can offer delicious Indian desserts to complement the dining experience. If you have not tasted Indian dessert before, you have something good to look forward too. Among other things we can offer:

  • Shahi Kheer
  • Gulab Jamun with ice cream
  • Jalebi

Shahi (rich) Kheer is a traditional Indian rice flour pudding. It is made of whole rice grain and tasted with saffron and cardamom. It can be served both cold and hot. Gulab Jamun is perhaps the most popular dessert among Indians. These are sweet and sticky buns made of flour and milk, cooked and dipped in syrup before serving. Jalebi is bought by countless street dwellers in India. These are sweet little cakes fried and dipped in syrup.

Are you ready for a delicious Indian taste experience at the best restaurant in Oslo? Book a table online, call us at 95 09 01 26 or visit our restaurant to see if we have a free table.

Welcome to New Delhi!

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New Delhi åpner endelig dørene igjen, og vi gleder oss til å ønske gamle og nye gjester velkommen til deilig indisk mat.